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Friday, February 19, 2010

Noobs and Gamers

Well hello to all welcome to my first of many blogs that will be geared to gamers and what’s on their mind. I will be talking about all types of games from computer games to xbox360. I have a lot on  my mind that I what to say because I have been a serious gamer for about 10 years. Over that time I have played many types of games from strategy to good old shooters and all the others in between. Well I think before I start my rambling you should no more about me well I own one xbox360 a desktop. I try to put in about 3 to 4 hour each day lol. I have really gotten into the hole multiplayer world it started out with play wow and if you don’t know what I mean let me put it in NOOB term it means WORLD OF WARCRAFT lol you will be surprise how many so called gamers don’t know what that stands for. Now if you’re a noob hey don’t worry there is nothing wrong with that there is no gamer out there that can lie and say they have never been a noob we were all noobs once. The only thing that makes use different is that we got good at are games from practice and determination.      

Now time to get to the really stuff lol. For my first blog I’m going to talk about one thing that I have begun to notice in wow retail or privet and that’s the dislike for all noobs now guys we were all noobs at one time. Just because a guy comes up to you and says "hey can you show me where is the best place to train for my lvl" douse not make them a fuck noob now most of you are probably saying to yourself there’s more than one kind of noob the answer is yes there are according to me there are two kinds of noobs fuck noobs and noobs. Now let me explain why I’m saying this well sometimes when a player says they need help it could be because it’s there first time playing the game has just over run them to a point where they need help that’s a normal noob. Now some players ask help not because they don’t know how to play but because they what to jump on someone’s back and go along for a free easy ride this are fuck noobs. Some of you might be saying hey how about in wow if they ask me for gold what do I do. Well if they come up to you and say "plz 20 gold to buy mount" well here are 2 easy steps to find out if there a fuck noob or a normal noob in need of help
1) When they come up to you and ask that first tell them that you can’t give them gold but you can tell them how to make it.
2) If after saying that they don’t just keep asking you for gold or walk of then give them directions on how to make gold be sure to give them good accurate info because remember your giving help to a normal noob and if the info you give them works they will be using it all the time they need gold. You will doing your part to eliminate noobs from games.

Now that you know these easy steps which have worked for me you can go out there and do your duty as a pro gamer to educate and inspire all who come before you by whooping them in a duel and staying around after the dual to help heal them and give them pointers trust me it will make your wow experience that much better. Thanks for reading my blog and if you have anything to add or you have an experience with this or just what your thoughts on this to be heard leave a comment don’t worry your among fellow gamers lol.