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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Thoughts on Assassin’s Creed

Well there’s not much I can say on this to really get you think about what I’m trying to say for all of you out there who have played the game you sometimes ask yourself “hmm is this game trying to say something” . Now some of you out there might say “HEY ITS JUST A GAME” but still it’s something that bothers a lot of people no matter what your religion is. Form its story line that make you question everything you know now like how it ends its story by you having to meet with god or some kind of god like being.


Now for that I have to give props to the creators of the game because most games don’t even go that deep and have a story line that makes you want play it to the end and then leaves you wanting more. Even the first time I played the first one I didn’t even really began to see the whole plot of the game up until I almost got to the end then it hit me lol. Now that I have played the second one I have become hooked on it and can’t wait for the third. So whatever you have to say about this game I don’t see it going anywhere it might stay under the radar but because of its stile of storytelling players will hooked on it for a long time and for those that might say it’s a antichrist game. Well all I have to say to you is that if this game makes you question your believe then you weren’t really a true believer in the first place.

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